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Boracay Island : Review and Budget =D

Assalammualaikum WBT

Dear readers,

Since balik Malaysia for good, started my job in Melaka, life has been hectic as if not enough hours in a day and blogging is not my cup of tea anymore.. Not like the uni days 3 years ago.. But this time is exceptional as this is the only medium I can share for anyone to easily search and read..

I went to Boracay Island last January and as usual, people will start searching for reviews and budgets to ease their travel preparation..


None of the writings telling the specific about the activities to explore in Boracay and how much should I prepare my financial..

Since there were quite a lot of friends eagerly asking for the review and budgets, here you go:

Journey to Boracay Island:

1.Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) to Kalibo Airport (KLO). Duration: 3 hours & 50 minutes. (AirAsia Flight)
2.Kalibo Airport to Caticlan Jetty Port – 2 hours (van/bus).
3.Caticlan Jetty Port to Boracay Jetty – 10 minutes (boat/ferry).
4.Boracay Jetty to Hotel – 10 to 15 minutes (van/tricycle)

Flight tickets: RM300++ during AirAsia promo and RM800 ++ during normal for return tickets. Besides Kalibo International airport, there is also flight to Caticlan airport which is nearer to Caticlan Jetty port (This one kene explore sendiri airline mane yg offer. Last time jumpe Singaporean, die naik Tiger Air dari Changi Airport direct to Caticlan but the price was more expensive)

Upon arrival at Kalibo, the moment you step out the airport it will be lots of agencies waiting to offer the transportation package from the airport directly to the hotel in Boracay, inclusive the bus ticket from airport to Caticlan Jetty Port, boat ticket to Boracay Jetty and van ticket to the hotel. Package price : PHP 650/ person = RM50+/person. (There were lots of cheaper package depends on your preference. Contohnye : kalau murah siket, kene naik van instead of bus, naik boat yg open air instead of air-condition ferry.. tu je la beza die, sila pilih sendiri. Package balik hari tu PHP 500/person, ok je naik van & open air boat pon)

Mobile simcard: 7 days unlimited internet from SMART Telco for PHP450 (android phone) PHP500 (iPhone). Superb internet connection! Full coverage tengah laut ke, dalam gua ke!

Hotel: Again, prices are depends on your preference. There are 3 sections situated at white sand beach, Station 1, 2 and 3. All along the white sand beach. Station 2 is preferable as it is near to everything but a bit noisy at night. There are also quiet and privacy resorts for you to choose. and again.. it's up to your preference to stay either in super exclusive resort, standard hotel or budget hotel. Depends!


1.Private boat rental for island hopping + snorkeling + Cliff Jumping + Helmet diving including video + ATV + Zorb + skycycle + Halal lunch : PHP 7800 = RM650 for 2 person
2.Zipline + cable car = PHP650 (GoPro rental for video recording kalau nak: PHP350)
3.Sunset sailing = PHP1000 (for 2 pax joining a group of 6 pax), PHP1300 (for 2 pax in private boat)
4.Traditional Philippine massage = PHP900
5.The Zorb = PHP500 (photo PHP300 each)
6.Herbal hot bath + waterfall + hiking + cave = PHP2500 (Tak sempat buat T_T)
7.Other activities that we missed due to time constraint: snorkeling at Crocodile Island, Crystal Cove, Flying Fish, Banana Boat, Parasailing, kite surfing, etc..

Food: Not as good as Krabi where you can find halal Thailand food everywhere. Kedai tomyam merata-rata. Banana pancake Krabi sedap giler. In Boracay, there are quite limited halal restaurant but it was not a big deal for me.

1.The Kingdom Arabic food - The owner is very friendly and he was a former Saudi Aramco Petroleum Engineer who decided to quit for a normal peaceful life! How I wish I can make the same decision. Hows the food? Sedap! Makan setiap hari pon boleh =D
2.D’Talipapa - You have to buy fresh seafood at the wet market and bring them to the stalls in front of the wet market. Bole mintak masak ikot selera tekak sendiri. 
3.Yellow Cab Pizza – Vegetable pizza or cheese pizza.
4.Fresh fruit juice especially mango is a must try! 

Lessons learn: I planned the vacation for 4 days, but I just have 2 days full in Boracay. Time consuming during pegi & balik and so limited time to try everything. Need to plan wisely next time. I should have extra 1 or 2 days untuk main2 pasir, mandi2 laut, snorkeling lama2 and try the remaining activities that I missed.. 

Souvenir shopping tips : Shop at D'Talipapa instead of D'Mall for a better bargain

Extra money preparation : Airport tax PHP500/person.. 

Boracay vs Krabi: Krabi will absolutely win kalau bab cepat sampai and the food. But Boracay is still paling awesome. You have to join the island hopping trip to enjoy the white sand and crystal clear beach while in Krabi. But in Boracay, you will have it the moment you step out from the hotel! (Mase jumpe orang Malaysia time makan kat restaurant halal tu, kitorang borak2 pasal Krabi vs Boracay ni and they also have the same opinion)
Conclusion: Without hotel and flight tickets, 4 days 3 nights in Boracay, RM2000-2500 duit pocket for 2 person is more than enough untuk makan and try almost all activities sampai puas. Cukup untuk beli souvenir and T-shirt sekali. kalau nak pegi jugak tapi taknak beractivity sangat, enjoying the white sand beach in front of the hotels pon dah awesome!

I hope this write-up explains everything..

Have a break and enjoy the nature. Nikmati kebesaran ciptaan Allah SWT  =)

Plan your trip now and I will plan mine! To where? Boracay again sebab tak puas!

White Sand Beach, Boracay. Hotels and markets are all along this beach

 Day 1 : In a private boat and I'm ready to go!

Cliff jumping

The trip with halal food (item no. 1)

 Yellow Cab vegetable pizza

 Fresh mango juice!

 ATV ride to the Ocean Tower

Boracay view from the Ocean Tower

Photo taken by the Ocean Tower team

 Sky Cycle

 Sunset Sailing

 The Kingdom Halal Food

 D'Talipapa wet market

 Best Western Tropics Resort Boracay

 Dive Helmets for helmet diving activity

The Zorb

 Flying Fish

Kite surfing yg tak sempat nak try (photo from google)

 The chefs and staffs dance in front of the restaurant

 Boracay at night

Sunset view

Good Bye Boracay.. Till we meet again, InsyaAllah =)


Syafiqah Nawawi said...

Salam, boleh tahu tak ambil private tour with halal food dengan siapa?

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Salam...kalibo airport tu ade tempat utk solat ke?

Unknown said...

Salam, actitivities for the Day 1 with halal food, which agent did you take?

wanie baharin said...

Assalam..private tour with halal food lunch ambil ng sape ye?

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