Wednesday, May 4, 2011

~Dear readers~


Dear readers..

It has been a while since my last post in this little teensy blog but it doesn't mean I'm not interested in bang out my thoughts anymore.. Thank you so much for those who currently following me, email me or left short messages in the shout box asking me for new entry!! Thank you so much for all the supports.. I do check it everyday but nothing inspire happened to share as I'm not a person who talk rubbish in my blog.. My aim is to motivate others and share my life experiences which more or less will help me to gain rewards from Allah S.W.T.. :-)

Presently struggling for my final steps of completing my degree and I am mentally exhausted by now.. Literally two months to go before leaving Manchester for good, and please pray for me.. :-) Can't really imagine a life as an engineer yet, but I do hope I'll enjoy it as my future rely on this..
This is the path I've chosen.. I've work hard striving to the top , and now I leave to Allah to decide..

About my mother.. She's back to normal and in fact healthier than before.. Never imagined she will recover this fast, but she did it! Alhamdulillah.. and again, a reminder to all of you and myself, Allah is capable of doing anything He wish for and nobody can deny His power.. Have faith in Allah and you'll see the miracle..

I'll be back and see you guys soon!!! Till then, take care and Assalammualaikum..

With Love,


Mohd Muhaimin Radzuan said...

gudluck sayang.. may your wish come true..

therosputih said...

tatau plak ur mom sakit...adeh....

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

good luck n take care ain!!
n akak pun slalu tunggu new entry dr ain..
besh2.. i like.. cayalah ain..

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