Friday, January 29, 2010

~Always be grateful for what we have~

There's a story about one of us in here.. a person who has HIS blessed to pursue his study in UK as a medical student.. a person who have determination in fighting for his own life.. The story that touches deep down my heart and made me realized the power of our creator in planning the different story line for every one of us in this world..

This is the reality for what life is all about.. Everyone of us have their own path in life, and so do I.. But what ever your path is, whether it'd been the way you are hoping for or the other way around, always thank HIM.. HE knows everything beyond our mind can ever think.. Just remember that, it must be 'hikmah' behind everything..

'A minute you're on top of the world, but by the
next blink of the eye, here you are, as low as you can get.'

quote from him that I remember the most..

This life is temporary and there's an immortal life waiting ahead.. Don't be so proud when you're on top and don't blame anything that is destined by fate when you are going through difficulties in life..

I am so proud of him and what he becoming after this tremendous test.. he's trying his best to face the toughest reality and he have shown me the meaning of being the true servant that never complaints of what ALLAH had decreed upon us.. I wish I could be like him if i'm in his shoes.. let's all the reader who read this entry, pray for him.. There's nothing we can do other than pray for his happiness and may his patience in accepting this fate will be rewarded by ALLAH SWT.. HE knows best..


for those who want to read further story about him, you can go to this BLOG

With Love,


Mysterious Lady said...

ok nnt aku bace. terror arh ko ckp omputih skg. jeles aku

kak farah =) said...

yer.mcm2 mix feeling ada bile bc blog dia (bru baca sikit)..mmg ada hikmah yg alwiz...Dia mmg seorg yg tabah n let us sama2 doakn die k.doakn yg trbaik utk dia...insyaAllah..

yes ain..jeles jgk ..bkn jeles nk jgk pndai english mcm ya you study thru youtube???

aiEN said...

syarul : xde teror mane pon lg ni ha.. struggle jugak lagi nk memikirkan ayat.. bukan leh on the spot je kuar.. bnyk kene improve!! sume ni influence kat blog2 mcm yg aku suggest tu la.. english dia power kan!

kak farah : sy blom pandai english kak.. banyk lagi x tahu.. tp, rajin bace2 blog mereka yg power2 jadi jeles kat diorg and nak jadi macam diorng.. banyk2 bace, leh improve.. yg study kat you tube tu mase nak amek IELTS kak.. tgk cara dorg buat speaking test..

Kerol said...

pergghhh.. tebolit lidah den baco blog kau nih.. dah mcm ravinder.. handal la kau dok UK nih..

Anonymous said... dio tue...nnti aku free aku bace k..

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